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Tide of Link automatic

Tide of Link automatic, Fulfilling request one of friend to blogger,yang wish tau of[is way of making to convert automatic link in the reality very easy. same as making shoutmix. convert automatic link is true become requirement all blogger. here I is love will its way.

List is

1. visiting List is http://www.blenza.com/linkies/

2. Register beforehand3. content of form like id user, password, E-Mail and others

4. knob click of Register, henceforth in process

5. after in process, login to yours e-mail, to check code like this :

Your code is

6. yours Code input to code form, hereinafter click knob of Confirm7. after activation of code, input of user and id of password yours continue knob click of login

8. after login, select;choose menu of Wizard last or blogger check list if hosting in blogger

9. later then choice check list of Original Auto-Linkies for free

10. select choose at menu of dropdown word any kind of, example of ( memories monday)

11. Later Then click knob of Generate Code12. Last you'd get code to tide in your blog

Inserting code to blogger

1. To Get new code in Blogger blog,. You have to login beforehand in your blogger, Hereinafter click Template tab and You'D edit Your template. Click of Link Edit HTML later then box check list of Expand Template Widget. containing big Box Text entire/all template. A to idea good It's back up Your template before continuing they not use exporting function. Enough copy all texts to clipboard and keep into document in Notepad or other editor text.

2. This is title example of skrip ... existing get also after code generate :

Inserting above code under code:


3. Keep Your template. Click Knob of Prevew underside of Blogger Template Editor page yard. Check that any visible him properly. After satisfied You, window cover of preview and of Template Editor page yard, click Keep Change of Template. You have to Your blog republish change to template You'D seen. But, in most cases, You is only needing for new posting to work with Misters of Linky'S Magical Widget, and in consequence You earn to click re- knob is index and quite sure that any him can be used

4. Afterwards take second code of the example like this

5. Later Then if have copied code property of you, hereinafter at the discretion of will in keeping in posting or your bar eunuch, good labih again in page yard of posting.

Tide of Link automatic:

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