Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Problem Solving Error Shoutmix Widget

OUR ILL WILLS (180-GRAM VINYL)On Thursday, January 21, 2010 Smart Best Info found error link visitor in Shoutmix as one of Guest Book / Chat Software. This problem make your visitor URL link can not appeared link to access in your visitor. Don't worry, I have tips and trick to problem solve about it. This is Smart Info for you, please follow instructions bellow:

1. Open Shoutmix software widget, and login your account

2. Select General box, and select Prune Messages

3. Select Delete All Message
    Enter your Password and click Apply Settings

4. Change Shoutmix widget with other guest book / chat widget software during you reinstall Shoutmix.

     This way to improve if you still use Shoutmix widget software, but the software maybe

      error in some days later, I am not guarantee this way.

5. You may have change with other alternative guest book / chat widget software such as:
6. Active comment in other Blogger's posting to know your URL as comment visitor.

Hopefully this guide can solve your problem, good luck.

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