Selasa, 17 November 2009

How to Backup Blogger Template

Why do I need to save my blog template? You may ask for this, we do this because sometimes things happen unexpectedly, for example, intentionally or unintentionally disrupt the layout of your blog. If you have a spare layout stored in your PC, then the layout we do not want this to come back perfectly tailored to what you expect, you certainly will not feel dizzy because of this.

You should backup your template every time you want to play with the code. Better yet, you always have the latest version of the template that you last change your PC.

Now you have to understand how important it is to have a backup template, let us begin to do:

  • Login to your Blogger account (if you are not yet logged in)

  • Go to Dashboard, Layout, Edit HTML, click Download Full template and store to your PC, the screen on your PC will look like this :

Under the heading Template Backup / Restore, click the link "Download Full Template" and save the template to your PC and remember where you save the template. It has made you have a backup for your blog template.

If you do not like change, then you can restore the original template by clicking "Browse" and locate the template file you need and click on "Upload" (see picture above), then your template will be restored to the condition you want.

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