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Faster Surfing With Google Chrome

Smart Best Info: Faster Surfing With Google Chrome

Current Internet technology is growing rapidly, it is marked by the increasing number of developing free software, both in the world in general and in our country in particular. Many users switch to Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome, whether these measures effectively and efficiently? Many Internet users are using Mozilla Firefox for free in addition, the process is too fast, especially if supported by the increasing speed and availability of Add-on is varied, what's wrong to use it. But now Google has also launched a new browser that is more effective for bloggers. Why is effective for bloggers? If you are a blogger and want a custom template, if you have experienced the error when saving a template?

According to some Blogger commonly called Real Blogger, they stated that using the Google Chrome that have been launched by Google is more effective than using Mozilla Firefox, why is that?

To know the answer, I tried searching on Google and I found an article about the weakness of Mozilla Firefox 3.

In the article mentioned that the latest browser Mozilla Firefox 3 after five hours launching, security weaknesses found in the gap of the Mozilla Firefox 3 by security software developer Tipping Point and it has been reported to Mozilla.

Tipping Point assess security weaknesses gap Mozilla Firefox 3 are categorized in the classification of crisis. However, the intruder can only use it if visitors click on certain pages that would run malicious code (malicious code). The same is become an important issue in the previous web browser that is Mozilla Firefox 2.

During the Mozilla still looking for ways to close these weaknesses, a detailed explanation of these weaknesses will not be announced in detail to the public. Once a solution is found, the Tipping Point will provide an explanation on his official website.

Weakness was found in a regular program called The Tipping Point Zero Day Initiative. Tipping Point cash reward to the informant weaknesses that proved correct when verified. Sale and purchase information such weaknesses become one of the new commodity in cyberspace.

Do not be nervous because you still use Mozilla Firefox browser, because there are many users that makes Mozilla Firefox main browser on his computer. If there's something wrong with the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can ask for help to fellow users, or see the web forum to resolve your problem.

Upshot : if you are a Blogger and want no error occurred when saving a template, I recommend (not mandatory in nature) to use Google Chrome on the option "Default".

Please send suggestions, comments and opinions about this, the author will gladly accept them to find out how much greatness Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox.

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