Minggu, 13 Desember 2009

How To Make Google Site and Earn Money

In this opportunity I will discuss how to create a Google Site with ease and how to make money from Google. Please following step by step create this site.

Step One
Open Google Site and see screenshot bellow
Step Two
- Choose Your Template
- Type Your Name Site
- Choose Your Theme
- Type Your Site Description
- Choose Who Share Your Site
- Type Captcha Code
- Click "Create Site" to Finalized Instructions

Step Three
Your Site is finalized and you can use it this site (See Screenshot bellow)

Step Four
You can edit site using by Manage Site.
Click "More Actions" and choose "Manage Site"
Please see screenshot bellow :

Step Five
Arrange your "Site Content", "Site Settings" and "Site Appearance" like you wish.

Step Six
This step is very important to earn money from Google by Adsense Programs.
Please see screenshot bellow :
Okay, I think you now understand the benefits of this Google Site, make it easy and simple make earn money, such as make a Blog in Blogger.

Good luck to getting a lot of money

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